Other Career Options

To be a doctor is a title synonymous with the dreams and aspirations of thousands of medical students in India. It is a common perception among this community that only MBBS and BDS UG degree courses is the only legitimate pathway to achieving that goal. The proof of this statement is the frenzied demand for securing a seat in medical colleges across the country reflected in the vast numbers of applicants year after year. 2018 saw a staggering 12, 69,922 candidates sitting for the NEET exam (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test.) conducted the National Testing Agency (NTA) that determines the fate of candidates from every part of the country. Just about 50% or 7, 14,562 were deemed qualified for the counselling round that would allocate those seats in the respective colleges under the purview of NEET.

There Are a Variety of Career Options after NEET besides MBBS and BDS

Given the fact that the title “Doctor” is a universal title worthy of respect. In India, it is one of the most sought after and lucrative of professions where successful aspirants can pursue the MBBS and BDS in 66000 seats in government colleges, private colleges and Deemed Universities in India. While there are the meritorious few who gain admission in government colleges whose advantage is the affordable fees, there are many who are left in the lurch because of the staggering fees of private colleges. As a result, several disheartened aspirants in spite of passing NEET find themselves in careers they aren’t passionate about.

The big question in every students mind right now is what about those who are not allocated seats in colleges because of various factors that may deny them the tag of an MBBS after their name. Is it the end of the road? The answer is a resounding NO! Because you still have a variety of career options to choose from after passing NEET.

Endless possibilities

The biggest culprit for such a situation is lack of awareness and knowledge that there are several medical career options one can pursue after NEET other than MBBS and BDS. It is not the end of your world because you will be surprised at the equally lucrative avenues seldom explored after passing NEET.  If you are genuinely committed to becoming an expert in the field of health and healing practices, and are passionate about becoming a healthcare professional, then the possibilities are endless

 The AYUSH Courses

Besides, Veterinary sciences, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, and Bachelor of Medical Lab Technicians, there are the AYUSH courses, providing one with an opportunity to become a doctor in the traditionally respected and increasingly recognized medical sciences of Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy and Naturopathy. From 2019 onwards, as per indications given by the Ministry of AYUSH admissions to all these courses at All India and state level in all colleges will be through NEET.

Other Degree Courses Covered By NEET

What every student in predicament of such courses should note is that in a country like India, alternative medicine practitioners are held in equal if not higher esteem when compared to allopathic practitioners. The demand for professionals with good expertise in these fields is constant and the Government is taking all possible steps to ensure the needs of the people are met through the Ministry of AYUSH.

Admissions  to the 15% seats in BVSc courses through All India Quota have already been taking place t  place through NEET from 2017 onwards, reflecting how even the healing of animals is considered an equally equally respectable and important branch of healthcare education.